Initial Consultation and Fees

  • What is an initial consultation meeting? This is a time to discuss the specific facts of your special education matter, consider potential strategies and options, and create an action plan to achieve your goals.  Before the meeting, Vinson Saint Jean Law will review your intake form and, if applicable, the most recent IEP and evaluation.  The goal for this meeting is to equip you with knowledge and a plan to enforce your child's educational rights whether or not you engage Vinson Saint Jean Law, PLLC.  

  • There is a $250 fee to schedule an initial consultation meeting. Sliding scale pricing starting at $150 is also available. You may be considered for sliding scale pricing based on your optional response to a family income questionnaire.  Initial consultation meetings last for up to 60 minutes and can be either in person or over the phone.

  • If you decide to engage Vinson Saint Jean Law, PLLC, payment of a retainer fee will be required in order for work on a case to commence. Flat fee and à la carte services are also available.   Maintenance of a minimum balance is required in order for work on a case to continue.

  • What are flat fee à la carte services? Also known as "unbundled" services, these services are limited in scope to certain tasks, documents, or events and allow you to know what your total legal fees will be up front for the limited scope service. For example, attendance at one (1) Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) meeting, drafting a document, or filing a complaint. 

  •  For Potential clients of Modest Means:​​

  • Vinson Saint Jean Law, PLLC is committed to helping to make special education legal services financially accessible. Therefore, Vinson Saint Jean Law accepts a limited number of clients on a sliding fee scale. 

  • If you meet the firm’s modest means criteria, you may be considered for a sliding scale reduced fee arrangement.  If you wish to be considered for a reduced fee arrangement, please do not hesitate to let Vinson Saint Jean Law know.  ​

  • Free special education legal services: Free legal services for special education matters in Texas are available for Texans who qualify at Disability Rights Texas. Disability Rights Texas is the Protection and Advocacy agency for Texas. For free legal services please contact Disability Rights Texas.


Why choose to invest in my child’s education by hiring a special education attorney? 

Vinson Saint Jean Law, PLLC understands that the families of children with disabilities are often overwhelmed with the regular costs of raising a child or children with disabilities such as medical care costs. This may make hiring an attorney to advocate for your child’s unique learning needs seem like a low priority expense.  However, inadequate education can lead to lifelong difficulties and inability to perform essential tasks necessary for daily life functions, and/or securing and maintaining employment. 


A child with a disability who has the ability to read but whose school declines the specialized instruction and/or behavioral supports necessary to facilitate their learning to read, will likely have difficulty at every stage in life. A child who has the ability to learn to care for his or her bodily functions but attends a school that does not create goals that challenge them enough to take the necessary steps to learn essential self care skills will likely lose the chance to be independent. This makes ensuring that your child’s educational needs are met not merely a “good idea” but crucial for their future sustenance and viability.

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